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Saturday Mornings With BOB (Breakfast On a Bun) and Daddy

Day 6 - 2Week Atkins Induction Continues

A Traditional Low Carb BOB ( Breakfast On a Bun)
with Scrambled Egg, Cheese, Canadian Bacon
“You want “yor eggs frad or scrambled?”
(Translation from Texan: “Would you care for your eggs fried, or scrambled?”)

I can just see the woman with the beehive hairdo, smackin’ her gum and waiting impatiently for my order. I was maybe eight at the time and I can still remember the feeling of panic that ensued at the thought of having to make a decision.

So many awesome Holiday Inn breakfast selections, so little time. My family knew enough to let me order last so as to avoid a repeat of the old  “I Love Lucy” episode where Lucy, Ricky, Fred and Ethel order at a restaurant and Lucy changes her order a half dozen times.

I’ve been a breakfast lover since God was a child. Daddy passed that on to me. Sometimes when Dad was out building Kmart stores throughout the U.S., Mom, Nanny (one of our sissies, Nan), and I
would drive to meet him wherever he happened to be working and visit for the weekend – at least when he was building in Texas.

I’m ashamed to admit my favorite parts of the whole weekend were the pool at the Holiday Inn, the cheeseburgers we ordered poolside, and breakfasts! Of course, back in the 60s, the BOB (Breakfast On A Bun – thank you Jack! I used to be your girl…) wasn’t even a twinkle in Jack’s eye (Jack-In-The-Box).

Dad loved BOBs, but he loved John Wayne more.
(Wish I could remember whose Pinterest board I
swiped this from yesterday! Apologies!)
BOB changed the face of weekend breakfast in our family. Dad loved them! A big treat when I came home from college was pickin’ up BOB’s on Saturday morning and comin’ back home, watching Saturday morning TV on PBS and having coffee and our BOBs together.

Daddy’s last meal was a BOB. He was so ill and hadn’t been eating much of anything more than a bite here or there. A friend called to let him know she would be visiting and asked if he wanted anything. He perked up a bit and told her, “Oh yeah! Would you bring me a BOB?” And Frankie laughed, agreeing to bring him one. He looked just like a little boy, sighing and making “Mmmm” sounds, smacking his lips a little, as he finished half of a BOB. More than he’d eaten in weeks.

So Daddy, this one’s for you! It’s a traditional low carb BOB for “shore”! (That’s Texan for “sure.”), in his honor. Tomorrow Fluffy Chix will be cookin a new-fangled BOB – a Cinco de Mayo BOB. In fact, Cinco de Mayo fast approaches and it’s time to start focusing on scrumptious Mexican and Tex Mex dishes in celebration. In Texas, Cinco de Mayo celebrations are a big deal.

Traditional Low Carb BOB (Breakfast On a Bun) is versatile.
It works with a scrambled egg or a fried egg.
I'll take mine fried, please!
K. Thanks.
Low Carb BOB (Breakfast On a Bun)

Serves – 1
Prep Time – 10 Minutes (If you have your Revolution Rolls pre-made and ready)
Cook Time – 10 Minutes
Difficulty – Easy

1 Revolution Roll
½ oz Cheese of your Choice (we use Cheddar)
1oz Canadian Bacon, sliced
1 Egg
1/2 tsp Olive Oil

Split Revolution Roll in half horizontally. The slices will be thin! That’s ok!
Place cheese on one side and Canadian bacon on the other side. Place in a 400* oven and allow cheese to melt and Canadian bacon to warm.

In a small non-stick skillet, heat olive oil over med-high heat.

Fry egg and break the yolk to make a hard fried egg. (You can also scramble your egg. Denny likes his scrambled and I like mine hard fried. So I end up making one of each!)

Assemble BOB by stacking the egg on top of one half and the avocado on top of the other half and marrying the sides together.

Cut in half and serve immediately. YUM!

SusieT’s Poopy Report –
Day 6 – 2Weeks Atkins Induction
Weight - 233.0lb (Pre-poopy) – (MOM can you come over and bring your magnesium, please?)
FBG – 103
Pain – 5
Mood – 8
Walking – None (exhausted)

I’m slightly annoyed to not have a big “whoosh” like many people experience during Atkin’s Induction. I think I know why. I’ve been following an intermittent fasting style of diet called JUDDD (Johnson’s Alternate Day Diet) which features eating nutrient dense, calorie restricted food on one day, followed by a day of eating to satiety at a much higher calorie level.

The JUDDD diet is not designed to be a low carb or controlled carb diet. It’s a calorie restricted diet. But I’ve been following it as a lower carb diet. Not as fully low carb as I used to do on it and certainly not as low as Atkins Induction. Maybe I’m already glycogen depleted and in ketosis from JUDDD? If so, then I wouldn’t have a big whoosh of initial water weight loss.

Maybe I’m losing slowly, because I’m actually eating a few more calories than I have been eating on JUDDD? I average about 900 to 1000cals/day averaged over a week on JUDDD. Because of poor post-menopausal metabolism I have to keep calories very low in order to lose. I was interested in seeing if Induction could speed that weight loss up. I don’t see that happening.

OK, well without further ado, here’s the Day 6 Menu. (Sorry to be a day late reporting in, I was just beat yesterday and couldn’t get my post together!)

Day 6 Menus and Totals

1 Traditional Low Carb BOB
6 Grape Tomatoes

Leftover Grilled Lamb Shoulder Chops don't taste like
leftovers when it becomes part of a delicious
low carb wrap.
1 Revolutionary Wrap
1-1/2 c Spring Lettuce Mix
1/8 c Red Bell Pepper
1/8 c Red Onion
3oz Grilled Lamb Shoulder Chop
1 Tbsp House Vinaigrette
1 Tbsp Roasted Red Pepper Mayo
1 oz Feta Cheese

(*Revolutionary Wraps - I'm still working on this recipe and will share it soon! The wraps feature the Basic Revolution Roll recipe baked off in a slightly different manner.)

Leftover Grilled Lamb Shoulder Chops make an easy
wrap with "Revolutionary Wrap"

(Here's what the wrap looks like folded and ready to eat! The wrap is still a bit too fragile to be able to pick it up with this much yumminess inside!)

Leftovers - easy and yummy! Roast beef, grilled lamb and
chicken sausage with low carb cauli cheese grits
and spinach with garlic.
2.5 oz Baby Spinach
1 clove Garlic
1 tsp Olive Oil
2 Tbsp Low Carb Garlic Cheese Grits
2 oz Roast Beef
½ oz Chicken, Feta, Spinach Sausage
½ oz Grilled Lamb Shoulder Chops

(Dang! Days later and those Low Carb Cheese Grits are still mighty tasty! The recipe has passed the leftover test and will be coming your way soon!)

Daily Totals

Click image to enlarge.

More Food Porn from Day 6

Roast Beef and Blue Cheese Revolutionary Wrap

Roast Beef and Blue Cheese Revolutionary Wrap ready
to eat!

This is such a quick and delicious low carb side dish. Olive oil,
slivered garlic and baby spinach with salt and pepper! Oh and so nutritious!

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