Monday, September 3, 2012

Choose Your Next Post - Asian Dinosaur Wings or Chile Rellenos

Kitchen Sink Chile Rellenos tastes decadent but is
low carb and oven fried.
Ok crew. It's a grudge match of Texas-sized disorder, I mean, Texas-sized proportions! Or maybe I mean it's a grudge match of proportion distortions? Or epic proportions? Meh...

Regardless, what I'm lookin' for is feedback.

Have we gone too far with the Tex-Mex? Do you need a break from all things chile?

Do we need to switch gears and head to the opposite end of the spectrum to keep ya happy and motivated?
Yep. It occurs to me I've maybe taken the Hatch Green Chile Festival to the edge of beyond and you guys could have chile fatigue. I hear that it happens sometimes to non-Texans and those who do not claim to be of chile-head origins.

So let's have your vote (all 2 of y'all readin' here).

Would you like to see the Kitchen Sink Oven Fried Chile Relleno with Tomatillo Sauce?

Low Carb Oven-Fried Kitchen Sink Chile Relleno with Tomatillo Sauce

Or and that's a big O-R!

Would you like to see the Asian Dinosaur Wings in Garlic Chili Sauce?

Grilled Asian Dinosaur Wings with Garlic Chile Sauce

Ok, vote now! Go big or go home! The winning recipe will be featured in the next post! Go!

(Oh, you can leave your vote in the comment section! Gracias!)


  1. I do not want to win anything. But I and my husband want to vote for the chile rellenos. And we want you to know our vote counts for five (ha!)

  2. Susie T., I vote for the Kitchen Sink Oven Fried Chile Relleno with Tomatillo Sauce. I am currently on a Ketogenic diet (as specified in Drs. Phinney and Volek books) so I am looking for high fat moderate protein very low carb recipes. Anything with lots of grass-fed butter, sour cream and smaller protein content.
    I have been making my own mayo with macadamia oil which will be perfect with your side salad of lettuce and avocado! Keep those recipes coming.

  3. Chile rellino please! Of course the Asian wings sound delish too, so it wouldn't be a huge disapointment if you did them next.

    1. Dang! RELLENO Somehow I seem to spell something wrong everytime!

  4. Oh Chile Rellino always and forever! Then, later, the wings!!! Please. And Thank You!!

    Love your site, your recipes, your humor.

    A fellow Texan,
    Alice B.

  5. Asian Dinosaur Wings in Garlic Chili Sauce for sure!

  6. Gosh guys, it's not looking good for the dino-wings! How bout y'all go fetch all your friends back here and get them to vote on it?! :D

  7. ASIAN!! Back to the Tex-Mex later...enuff already!

  8. Please chile RELLENO! I'm just dying for a great low carb version. Then please do the wings NEXT.
    (Yup I'm voting twice I feel that strongly about this, but it's not really cheating if I admit to voting again...or suckin' up if I tell you Susie that you're funny and talented and smart and just a beautiful person)


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