Friday, September 7, 2012

It's Football Season - Party Low Carb Texas-Style

I'm pleased to announce Fluffy Chix Cook and Susie T's latest article is published over at CarbSmart Magazine. The article touches on how to maintain carb sanity during football season when every weekend brings a 3-day party of Texas-sized dimension!

Dr. Richard Feinman of SUNY Downstate and the Nutrition & Metabolism Society fame, helped me understand biochemistry 101 as it applies to alcohol and partying - even low carb style. Thanks Dr. F! (Ahem, any errors in the explanation rely solely on my chemistry-challenged brain and its exceeding imperfection at grasping biochemistry concepts!)

I want to invite each of your to drop by and post a comment or tip with your favorite advice for navigating downfield in low carb success! Hey, maybe you would share one of your TNT recipes for dips and tailgating party food that you and your family love?! Super! I'm hoping we can get a big old long post of recipes to share!!! I started the ball downfield with my family favorite: Queso with Meat.

Thanks in advance and hope to see you there soon! (Oh and if you would be so kind, don't forget to +1 the article!) MUAH! And muchas gracias!

Here's the link:

Scoring a Low Carb Touchdown For The Home Team


  1. Hey Fluff!
    Yes, and we love the Roadkill Dip (with Jimmie Dean sausage of course), Armadillo Eggs and Queso any way you can get it. I make a white queso with half Jack cheese and a small brick of Velveeta. Add peppers of choice(partial to the little El Paso chopped chiles), Ro-tel if you like, and then shred a peeled cucumber into it- a cooling effect, if you will. Yum! That's the way our local Tamale Truck Man makes his. Family favorite.

    1. Wow! Love that idea! Would you go over to the CarbSmart thread and post your recipe purty please??!!!! MUAH! Hugs!

  2. Susie T.
    Loved the tailgating recipes!
    How about coming up with some recipes using coconut oil? Some of the coconut bark recipes are good but we could always use some inspiration from you.

    Here is a good article on low carb diets in preventing and treating cancer by Dr. Feinman:

    Also read the comments section (by cancerclasses) for an article about the work of Dr. Otto Warburg in treating cancer through diet.

    1. Terry! Awesome comment lady! I will consider coming up with coconut oil recipes.

      Don't you just love that Dr. Feinman?! I was very happy to see his post and the related study. In fact, I've referenced both of them in the coming 3Part Series on Eating to Beat Breast Cancer on CarbSmart!!! Wooot!

      And yes, the work of Dr. Otto Warburg has been invaluable to us low carbers - especially those of us fighting the beast!

      Thanks Terry!!!


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