Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Atkins Day 13 - The Mighty Juicy Loosey

The Big Nasty = The Mighty Juicy Loosey, low carb,
keto, Atkins Induction-friendly and lovin' life.

First of all I have to apologize to the academy. My pic of the Mighty Blue Cheese Juicy Loosey is an old image. I was too incredibly, PSYCHOLOGICALLY starved at the mere thought of this beauty, there was no way I wasn't gonna sit down and enjoy it piping hot and melti-licious as soon as it came off the fire.

There I said it. By the time these bad boys were off the grill and on our plate, it was as if my tummeh was sayin’, “Get. In. Mah. Belleh!”


And who am I to argue with “the man?”

Green beans start out looking so lovely, fresh, and
innocent. But then they find out they're goin' to the bigs
with "Big Nasty," the Blue Cheese Juicy Loosey.

So of course, I just shoved the ugly green beans on my plate, the lettuce and tomatoes were waiting and willing, and that was the last sound out of my mouth for 45 minutes…not including moans, sighs, and, “Un hunh!”

If you’ve never experienced a Juicy Loosey. I encourage you to drop everything you’re doing and run to the market to hunt and gather for tonight’s meal. Ermagersh. So good. Words escape me. But I will tell you one thing. I’m heartily glad I was a Girl Scout and plan ahead. Because I had these crafty little Induction Friendly Coconut Chia Buns in DS9 (Deep Space 9 aka the chest freezer), this dinner was a low carb piece of cake. Super duper easy.

Here’s my thought on the buns. I don’t exactly KNOW where chia falls on the carb ladder, but if I had to guess, I would guess it falls into the Induction-friendly “flax” category. Chia seeds are very high in quality protein and are very low in carbs, acting mostly like a soluble fiber, especially when served in something wet. I’m allergic to flax, or else I would use a blend of coconut flour, flax, protein powder and pork skins. So I’m gonna count these buns as Induction buns and wait for the Atkins Food Police to arrest me and take away my Captain Cunning Decoder Ring. (Hope that doesn’t happen…I love that ring!) Oh, and when you're doing Induction, hold off adding the sesame seeds; they're not Induction-friendly.

Omelet with Beef Enchilada Sauce, the gift that
keeps on giving! Cook once, eat many, many times!
Yeah, again with the 2 meals. I’m tellin’ you, once you are keto-adapted, you can go hours without eating and not just “not notice.” You go hours with no desire to eat. Zero. Nada. Zip. Zilch. After brunch—which I finally got around to fixing at 11am, I felt satisfied emotionally, physically and spiritually. The thought of food wasn’t even on the radar. Instead, I was able to work through the afternoon with deep concentration. Atkins Induction and low carb is like that! I believe if you’re feeding your mitochondria (the powerhouse of your cells), and are keeping glucose and insulin low, your body just sings with healthy energy. (Well mine is trying to sing--off-tune at that. It really just kinda limps along and hums a few bars when it can...but who's counting?)

This is the next to the last day of my 2 week Induction period. I will begin using the New Atkins Made Easy (NAME) to climb the OWL ladder. My endless days spent locked at Induction levels with Induction limits are over. I want to eat as wide a variety of healthy, fabulous, low carb foods as possible because that keeps me from ever feeling deprived (ok, rarely, feeling deprived). And truthfully, you’ve seen the menus. How can anyone feel deprived on the food I have eaten over the last 2 weeks? See ya tomorrow; same bat station, same bat time!

Atkins Induction Day 13

AI Day 13 Daily Totals - 1506 Calories; 119g Fat (71.1% calories from fat); 80g Protein; 30g Carbohydrate; 9g Dietary Fiber; 763mg Cholesterol; 21g Net Carbohydrate

Brunch (625 Calories; 48g Fat (68.9% calories from fat); 35g Protein; 13g Carbohydrate; 4g Dietary Fiber; 533mg Cholesterol; 9g Net Carbohydrate)
3c decaff coffee, black, unsweetened
Omelet With Chili and Fresh Salsa
2 large eggs
1 tablespoon butter
1/2 serving Beef Enchilada Dip
1/2 jalapeno chile pepper
1/8 cup red onion
ounce grape tomatoes
2 tablespoons cilantro leaves, whole
2 ounces avocado

Dinner (880 Calories; 71g Fat (72.7% calories from fat); 44g Protein; 16g Carbohydrate; 6g Dietary Fiber; 230mg Cholesterol; 10g Net Carbohydrate)
Big Bad Blue Cheese Bacon Juicy Loosey With Ugly Green Beans and Salad
1 serving Coconut Flax Buns
5 ounces 80/20 ground beef
1 ounce blue cheese
1 1/2 ounces cherry tomatoes
2 romaine lettuce leaves
1 tablespoon mayonnaise, Hellman's
3 ounces green beans
1 teaspoon olive oil
1/4 cup red onions
2 bacon slices

NOTES: I went over again by 1 gram of Net Carbohydrate. I believe the world did tilt on its axis at the precise time that happened…


  1. I'm interested in the recipes in whatever form. Everything looks good.

  2. Oops, I put my answer on the wrong post. : ) That was an answer to the Day 14 post.


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