Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Atkins Day 14 - The Final Day of 2 Weeks of Inspiring Induction Meals! Ends With (da da duhhhhhh) Crack Slaw!

Jambalaya Crack Slaw is a twist on normal
Crack Slaw made with ground beef. Jambalaya Crack
Slaw features chicken, sausage and shrimp.
Unless you were just dropped off the turnip truck last week, you’ve heard about Crack Slaw. Heck, maybe you’ve even made it. The recipe is legion and has been flying around the low carb world as long as I’ve been around (over 14 years) and maybe longer.

It’s an unlikely recipe for such fame. It’s simple food. Maybe even peasant food. But it has the 3 mysterious components that when combined, goes viral with enthusiasm: cheap, easy, delicious. That’s it.

Crack Slaw - one bite and you're addicted!
Crack Slaw is cheap—and generally uses some type of ground meat product.

Crack Slaw is easy—it’s a one-dish-wonder (a stir fry by any other name).

Crack Slaw is delicious—I don’t care which variation—they are ALL fantastic.

Some people use broccoli slaw, others shredded cabbage (coleslaw mix from the grocery). And yes, before someone sends out the food police, if you use the pre-made bags of coleslaw mix, readily available at the local Piggly Wiggly, it will have carrot shreds in it. Now please. PLEASE! Do not take 30 minutes of your hard-earned time to pick out every carrot shred prior to cooking. If you look on the back of the bag, just use the carb count and figure out your serving and be done with it. It will NOT kick you out of ketosis. But it surely will taste divine!

It's great with any kind of leftover meat, making
Crack Slaw, a Lucky Leftover!
This is Day 14 of the 2 Week Atkins Induction experience for 2014 (done my way of course, a little unconventional, because I also do alternate day intermittent fasting)…most of you Atkins-neers will only be doing Atkins Induction which encourages 3 squares and 2 spares (snacks), during the initial 2 week, Kick Start plan. Because I’m already keto adapted, there wasn’t a huge loss like you have when you’re just beginning on Atkins after eating a SAD (Standard American Diet) filled with carbs of all kinds. I lost 3 pounds in the last two weeks (1 more than usual. I generally lose about 1 lb a week if I’m lucky—since I take several drugs with the side effect of weight gain and am also recovering from bc.)

Hope this has helped inspire you that Atkins Induction can be filled with gorgeous, easy, home-cooked meals that taste heavenly. Deprivation is completely optional (but not on my watch)! I hope to have the recipes to you in the coming weeks in some shape or form!

Would anyone be interested in a 2 week Induction book featuring these recipes and photos? PDF book, that is! Please post a comment and let me know if there is interest!!!

Atkins Induction Day 14 – (Remember it’s my ADF day, so I limit cals to 500—which is NOT part of regular Atkins Induction!!!)

AI Day 14 - Daily Totals: 503 Calories; 25g Fat (43.4% calories from fat); 44g Protein; 28g Carbohydrate; 8g Dietary Fiber; 159mg Cholesterol; 20g Net Carbohydrate

Breakfast & Lunch (0)
3 cups decaff coffee, black, unsweetened

4PM Snack (42 Calories; 2g Fat (46.3% calories from fat); 3g Protein; 3g Carbohydrate; trace Dietary Fiber; 10mg Cholesterol; 3g Net Carbohydrate)
2 ounces cucumbers, sliced
1 tablespoon Bragg's Unfiltered Apple Cider Vinegar
1 wedge Laughing Cow Lite Swiss Cheese

Dinner (451 Calories; 22g Fat (43.5% calories from fat); 40g Protein; 26g Carbohydrate; 8g Dietary Fiber; 149mg Cholesterol; 18g Net Carbohydrate)
1 serving Jambalaya Crack Slaw
3 ounces Tomatoes
2 ounces Avocado

Dessert (10 Calories; 0g Fat (0.0% calories from fat); 1g Protein; 0g Carbohydrate; 0g Dietary Fiber; 0mg Cholesterol; 0g Net Carbohydrate)
1/2 cup sugar free strawberry banana gelatin


  1. Hi Susie,

    A little late in commenting but wanted to tell you I've thoroughly enjoyed your 2-week Induction journey that you shared with us. It seems like a lot of work but I would love a PDF as you described. I'm sure there are others who would love it as well. You share awesome information and terrific ideas! Congrats on your losses!


    1. Thanks hon!! I'm working on it now! :)

    2. I've just now found you and am really excited about everything that I've read so far. I am 2 week into the Atkins Induction, I have done this before but I have a hard time eating as much as I need to and I don't lose as much as I think I should of. I would really like to see the 2-week induction journey that you were talking about. I think it would really help me. I am going to continue doing the same going forward, no suguar, no flour, no white stuff in general. Low Low carbs, some higher fat. But I really feel that I'm missing something!! Help! I have lost 10 lbs in the last 2 weeks, so thats good!

    3. Hi Pam and welcome to the site! Hope you will stick around and post with us. It's a great group! Be sure to "Join Our Site" on the top right of the screen (it's free), but that way you get notices of new things as we post them! Also, join our FaceBook and Pinterest pages too! 10lbs in 2 weeks is AWESOME!!! Congrats!

  2. I just found your blog and I'd also like your PDF. Husband want to do induction with me and the only way I'm going to keep the complaining low is to keep it varied and tasty.....and your recipes/menus seem to do that quite nicely.

    1. Hi Rita, deprivation completely optional from my perspective! Welcome and let us know how you like the recipes or if you want us to do a new one!

    2. From mine too, but we're talking about a man who has never in his life dieted and argued with me last night as to why he couldn't have a chocolate bar. I absolutely love the recipes I've read and am planing to stock up on the ingredients you use. Would you, by chance, have a list of your essential supplies? I got to admit, some of the ingredients I'm seeing I have no idea what they are, much less how and where to use them.

    3. LOL, Rita! You can give him a square or 2 of Lindt 85 Extra Dark Chocolate for very few carbs/low sugar! It's in your grocery store (candy section)-they're bars of chocolate.

      I will try to work up a list of ingredients for you all, sometime soon. Just let me know what your are confused about and I will answer your questions!


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