Friday, May 18, 2012

Splendid Low-Carbing by Jennifer Eloff Plays the Southern Card!

Green Beans, Bacon...Pot-Licker (or Liquor)...smells like Texas. And home.

Splendid Low-Carbing by Jennifer Eloff is a Mecca for low and controlled carbers!
I was all set to talk about Chile Lime Coleslaw, and then I saw a blog post by a good friend of mine and felt I could use my time better tellin' you about Jen and her cookin'!

Many of you may be familiar with Jennifer Eloff over at Splendid Low-Carbing, but some of you may be new comers to the low carb world and may not be aware of the incredible body of work Jen has worked tirelessly to compile over the last 10-12 years or more! So many delicious recipes both savory and sweet. Nowdays, she has a large body of recipes suitable for gluten free and even more that fit Paleo nutrition as well. 

Low-Carbing Among Friends features
many gluten free and Paleo Friendly
Jen is a recipe developer, food writer, educator and most importantly, a cookbook author and publisher with over 7 low carb cookbooks under her belt. The latest best-seller is called Low-Carbing Among Friends and is available by clicking here. The book features recipes from 5 low carb authors and features many low carb gurus and doctors. It's a great book! There is also a section where great cooks from the community are featured! You should buy it now! (By the way I'm not getting anything for tellin' you that. I'm just tryin' to arm you with great ammunition for changin' your life for the better.)

Jen's next book Among Friends, Vol II becomes available in August and will include 6 authors this time. Not to float any boats, cuz I am just a down home Texas chuckwagon cook, not a fancy chef or author or anything, but Jen has been kind enough to include a couple of my little ol' recipes in the new book coming out! Wooot! I'm gonna be in print! Haha. I'm so excited!

Green Beans with Bacon elevates green beans to
a whole 'nother level! *drool*
The reason I'm highlighting Jen and her great site today is because she just published a post about a recipe near and dear to my heart. Green Beans with Bacon.

Oh just the title of that recipe sends me back to a place in time when Mama or WaWa was standin' at the stove, browning the bacon, with the chopped onions in the on-deck circle waitin' for the show. The cans of green beans stood with their lids in the upright and open position like brave little Texas Rangers waitin' to ride off into the sunset.

It was an easier time. A time before life intruded. Home was a safe harbor from the storm.

Smmmmmmmmm...ahhhhh. I can smell that sweet, smoky scent of bacon lingerin' in the air, now! Dang, that makes me "shore" (Texan for sure) feel like home. It feels like being wrapped in your favorite soft robe and slippers and feels like a warm hug and a warm cup of cocoa!

Jen's Low Carb, Gluten Free Apple Cake could make you
take out life insurance, cuz you'll be able to die happy.
It's THAT good! No, great!
So don't delay.

Go make a slice of heaven...whether that's Jen's Green Beans with Bacon or one of her incredible desserts like the Apple Cake she just posted about, or one of her savory main dishes, or her bake mix, or, or, or, sooooo many ors!

Just go mosey on over and set a spell with her.

You'll be hooked.

Just like me!

Go on now, never mind me. I'll just roll around like a lonely bee-bee in a box car till you get back!

Now, go!



  1. Oh Susie, what a lovely surprise for me to find your post this morning. THANK you, my friend. And by the way, you do not take a back seat to any of the authors, including me. You are very talented in your own right and, in fact, multi-talented. May God bless you. You are always in my prayers.

  2. Congrats about getting some of your recipes included!!! Maybe a future career as a cookbook author???


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